The Director of Technology and Communications is a full-time staff position. The central function of this role is to assist in the implementation of Capshaw Baptist Church’s vision: to make disciples who make disciples for God’s glory and the joy of all peoples. This will be done by building and leading the production team, as well as developing and implementing a comprehensive communication strategy. The ideal candidate is a self-starter who takes direction well and thrives without continuous oversight. Medical benefits are included. Salary is dependent on experience and expertise, and will be discussed during the interview process.


Audio | Oversee and direct all aspects of audio production including but not limited to: weekly worship services, youth worship services, and special events. Establish a standard of excellence while equipping volunteers to maintain said standard.

Video | Oversee and direct all aspects of video production including but not limited to: weekly worship services, youth worship services, live stream services, and special events. Establish a standard of excellence while equipping volunteers to maintain said standard. Under direction of the pastoral staff, oversee the creation of both edification and promotional videos, acquiring talent, designing themes, and editing said video for view across numerous platforms.

Technology | Provide oversight and management of all technical systems including design, integration, upgrade purchases and maintenance of systems at Capshaw Baptist Church.  

Communication | Ensure clear consistent communication of the vision of Capshaw Baptist Church. Support all ministries through effective communication of events. Coordinate the production of weekly sermon slides, bulletins, announcement slides and videos. Assist in developing the promotion of each sermon’s series. Actively consult ministry leaders for upcoming communication needs. Develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy.  

Stage Set | Oversight of stage and scenic themes.

Team Building | Lead, manage and train all technical volunteers. Attends and actively participates in all-staff, worship, production and creative meetings. Work with staff and leaders in various areas of ministry at Capshaw Baptist Church.



The Director of Technology and Communications will report directly to the Worship Pastor and work with and in mutual submission to the Elder Board.



:: First and foremost, they will profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and demonstrate spiritual fruit in keeping with repentance.

:: They must consistently display godly character and leadership demonstrated in their interaction with the congregation, in their relationships with the pastoral team/staff and at home. They must be willing to acknowledge personal weaknesses; demonstrating humility by a desire for continued personal growth.

:: Inner devotional life will be reflected in their lifestyle of worship.

:: Must be a leader with the ability to draw people to themselves, delegate to others, and lead other leaders. They will have skill and experience as a team builder who will mentor and empower others to grow.

:: Must have general working knowledge/competency of all technical systems.

:: Must be proficient with digital mixing consoles.

:: Experience working in a technically advanced performance venue.

:: Experience working with Adobe Premier, ProTools, ProPresenter, Canva, YouTube, Vimeo and all social media platforms. 

:: Experience leading and training staff and/or volunteers



Must believe, affirm and accept the doctrinal statement of the Baptist Faith & Message (2000).



The following are personal values that the Technical/Communication Director should seek to demonstrate:

 :: God and the Gospel - Seek at all times to honor God and glorify Him alone. Regardless of the task, ministry or effort; honoring God and clearly living in line with the Gospel come first.

::  Scripture - Biblical principles are to be valued more than "current events” or practices for “the successful Christian life.”

:: Conflict – Exercises the ability to resolve conflict Biblically.

::  Faithfulness - Being faithful is more valued than being "successful” - Although "results" are important in our ministries, success should be a by-product of our faithfulness, and quantitative results are only one way to evaluate outcomes. Relationships are more important to future success than results in the short-term.

::  Personal Holiness - The Technical/Communications Director’s private life is valued more than the public life or ministry - True spiritual life starts in private, extends to the family and will be exhibited in the public.

::  Wisdom in Waiting - Patience rather than pressure to demonstrate results. Strive to allow God to work in each person's life on His timetable, not ours.

::  Meekness - Being open is more important than maintaining image. Leaders must be able to accept criticism and deal patiently with misunderstanding.

::  Teamwork - Team is more highly valued than the individual. We are all part of Christ's body for service and can function best only when we work together.

::  Mission - God’s mission for this world gives the church its mission. The Technical/Communications Director will be committed to this not only in theory, but in personal practice.