Limestone Prison Ministry


Limestone Prison Chaplain Support - Ted Stephens is a Capshaw Baptist member who has gone through the necessary approval process with the Limestone Correctional Facility Chaplains Office to be able to meet with and minister to the inmates there. Working with inmates at Limestone Correctional Facility is a very challenging mission and Ted meets men who are often at their lowest point in life. They would tell you they have hit bottom and for that reason so many are for the first time open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many will tell you they thank God he sent them to the prison for that reason. Ted says he has never seen such a field so “white” to harvest (John 4:35). And amongst these prisoners, there is a hunger for the word of God both in tracts or Bibles. volunteers both men and women can attend a chapel service on Tuesday nights, or jump in at whatever level they feel comfortable, teaching classes, or just meeting, and encouraging men. I was in prison and you visited me. Mathew 25:36.

Prayer Request:

1. Pray for the inmates that are in prison, for their encouragement, and for a right relationship with Christ.

2. Pray for the Ted, the Chaplains and the other volunteers at the prison, that their words, treatment and concern for the prisoners might truly convey the love of Christ.

3. Pray that God will watch over the families of the prisoners and that they too, will experience the love of Christ and remain a source of encouragement and love for their imprisoned relative until they complete their sentence and are reunited.

NOTE:  Mandatory annual training is required for volunteers.  This free training is offered at Capshaw on Saturday, Nov 4 from 9:00am-1:30pm.  Plan to attend if interested in volunteering at the prison.


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